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Allies System

1.         System Overview

As the story unfolds, you will meet a host of fascinating Allies. Collect and train them, expanding the ranks of your fighting force, and make judicious use of their unique traits.

2.         Training Allies

Spend Copper and EXP Scrolls to raise Allies’ Levels, and they can immediately be used in combat.


You can use Allium and evolution materials to increase Allies’ quality. Once you have a Mythic quality Ally, in addition to a massive stats boost, it also takes on an exquisite appearance.


Each Ally has four skills, each of which has nine levels. Spend Essence to raise each skill’s level, enhancing its effects.


When an Ally’s three active skills are upgraded to level 9, the Ally can attain Enlightenment, activating each active skill’s ultimate ability. Enlightenment costs Essence and Zen Scrolls.