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[Announcement Update] Dragonbone Dynasty New US East Server S13 Arrives on December 6th

Greetings Heroes, 

We are pleased to announce that our newest US East Server S13 will be going live on December 6th at 10:00 PM GMT+8 (10:00 AM EDT server time).


Only S13 will arrive in new version.

Please check below for details:

1. Raised the player level cap to Lv. 110 and added new quests in Deadlands.

2. Implemented the new Ultimote system and combined the Quotidien and the Ultima systems. Complete daily quests to get Ultimote EXP which can be used to upgrade Ultimote to get bonuses to stats, Ultima and other systems (Mounts, Wings).

3. Adjusted Allies Training system.

3.1 Training requires Breakthrough Orbs of that star level. Every breakthrough unlocks a skill. Allies with higher stars come with higher training.

3.2 Ch'i is available to common or above Allies and now only requires Ally Shards. Ch'i unlocks special stats and also raises the usage limit of Ch'i Scrolls. Soulshards have been added to the game, which can be converted into Ally Shards.

3.3 Removed the Inherit function, and added the Ally's Cheer function.

4. Ally Shards can be recycled and crafted into Ally Shards of your choice. There are special requirements when crafting certain high level Ally Shards.

5. Mount can be trained to Lv. 9 and enhanced their appearances.

6. Wings can be upgraded to Lv. 9 and enhanced their visuals.

7. Improved the Gear panel, and added Gear Upgrades and Enhance Sets.

8. Added a new event: Ozymandias.

9. Added a new event: PvP Arena.

10. Added a new system: Torture Tree.

11. Added a new system: King of the Hill.

12. Recharge cost has been lowered, and increased rewards for some events.

13. Optimized the tutorial, added a series of new levelling packs (Lv. 30 to Lv. 70).

14. Improved UI and hero visual effects.

15. Fixed a ton of existing bugs.

All existing servers (s1~s12) won't be updated this time.

Please don't be frustrated because all servers (s1~s13) will be updated to Christmas Version (another version) soon.

We do apologize for keeping you waiting and we appreciate your patience a lot during this time.

-The Dragonbone Dynasty Team