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Maintenance for Christmas Version

Greetings Heroes,

Dragonbone Dynasty will be undergoing a maintenance for Christmas Version at 02:00 PM GMT+8 (02:00 AM EDT, server time), December 23th. All servers will be going offline during the maintenance and it is expected to last for around 2 hours.

Please check below for details:

1. The Quests system has been revamped.

Based on the players' quest progress in the old version, they will now start from the first quest of that chapter. Quests of Maplethrone and Deadlands are not affected, so players who accepted quests of these Chapter won't be affected.

2. In the previous version Ally Ch'i is limited to level 10, however, in the new version, Ally Ch'i is limited by recommended Ally stars.

Ally Ch'i has been reset to level 0, all materials will be returned through in-game mail.

3. Ally Skills have been adjusted to unlock based on Ally training level.

4. Mount system has be remade, mounts can be enhanced up to Lv. 9. Appearances of special mounts have been changed substantially. VIP8 mount Unicorn Rex has been phased out.

Mount Elixirs which have been used on the Unicorn Rex will be returned to players through in-game mail.

5. The Wings system has be remade, wings can now be enhanced up to Lv. 9. Appearances of special wings have been changed substantially.

6. In the new investment event, Taels rebates have been adjusted to Bound Taels rebates. If players haven't collected the rebates in the previous version, they will be getting Bound Taels in the new version.

7. Ultimus, Allium and Petsoul have been phased out. 

Players will be getting refunded other types of resources through in-game mail, based on how much Ultimus, Allium and Petsoul they spent.

8. Ally Training stats have been adjusted from a percentage to a fixed value. Ally and Pets training recipe and part of training materials have been adjusted. Ally skills have been adjusted.

Sorry for the inconvenience we bring.

See you all in game!

-The Dragonbone Dynasty Team