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Maintenance for S1-S8 on 8/5

Greetings players,

Maintenance for servers S1 - S8 is scheduled for 2:00 PM EDT on August 4th (2:00 AM GMT+8 on August 5th). It's estimated to last around 1 hour for the update. If there are any delays on this time, we will update this announcement. During the maintenance, players might not be able to login to the game. We appreciate your patience during this time. After the maintenance, we will compensate every player 200 energy point, 5,000,000 copper and 500 silver. 

And new version will arrive after the maintenance, which includes the following contents:

1. Open higher level to lvl. 90

2. Map "Maplethrone" will be added

3. New events "Huang Le Suo Ha" and "A New Clan" will be added

4. Fix tactics option issue, then players would be able to select character order, skill and save the settings

5. Fix escort selection menu issue

6. Fix Mini Games failing loading page issue

7. Fix Friend Farm Assist/Harvest issue

8. Fix Gibberish issues

-Dragonbone Dynasty Team