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Mythology & Lore

1.      Doctrine of the Sages - Pan Gu’s Origin

1.1.     World Spawn

In the beginning there was nothingness. Chaos reigned. Out of the darkness formed a progenitor - The Awakened - who cultivated consciousness. Legend has it The Awakened roams the universe creating Order form Chaos, and annihilating Chaos until Order remains.

One day, The Awakened felt an occult urge to forge a weapon and cleave the very universe upon itself. Quantum and general existences untwined as the universe folded upon itself, giving birth to The First of Man: Pan Gu, Lord of Heaven and Creator of the Dao; Elder Lord; and Paragon Magnus. After tuition in the ways of ethics, morality and temperance, these first lords were scattered to the seven corners of the realm to spread civilization. Thus, Life was born.

The Awakened returned to the cosmic stardust from whence it was created. With another concentrated burst of violence, Pan Gu drew his mighty battleaxe and cleaved the universe once again. Three dimensional space was finally created, and these three Ancient Ancestors of All cultivated their own kingdom.

Pan Gu spoke an ancient prayer: “Honor; piety; wisdom. This is Life!” With that, his corporeal body divested and his spirit feverishly terra-formed the planet, building land from his body and carving rivers with his blood. This is how our ancient world of Pangaea came to be.

1.2.     Three Sovereigns & Five Elementals

Pan Gu’s sacrifice saw his profound consciousness fragmented and manifest into the legendary 3 Sovereigns and 5 Elementals of antiquity.

These 3 Sovereigns were none other than Nuwa, Shennong, and Fu-Hsi. From the river clay, Nuwa and Fu-Hsi were able to handcraft ten thousand things, and thus all natural life was born. The pet favorites of Nuwa and Fu-Hsi were given special treatment, receiving training and cultivation in the ways of agriculture, pottery, weaving, medicine and cuisine. We have come to call these fortunate quislings “humans”, and humans set about putting together the basics of civilization with alacrity.

Some base beasts born of clay had imperfections. Separated from the pure and just discourse of the 3 Sovereigns, they flourished and thrived as they acclimatized to their varied surroundings. Gradually, nine tribes of malformed creature were formed: the Abyss people; the Lu Yu; the Crab people; the Dragonlings; the Avian people; the Archons; the Nordra; Charmers; and the Naga tribe. And thus, the peoples of the Middle Kingdom found themselves with exotic and varied diverse neighbors.

The 5 Elementals took name and form from the elements: Saturn; Garuda; Neptune; Vulcan; and Hou-Tu.  Each took dominion over one of the elements: Metal; Wood; Water; Fire; and Earth.

The 3 Sovereigns and 5 Elementals watched over the mortal realm, and a harmonious ecosystem was achieved.

2.      The Elder Lord

2.1.     Gods & Demi-Gods

As Pan Gu forged the universe, the Elder Lord and Magnus took it upon themselves to govern mortal ways, respectively creating Heaven and Hell.

The Elder Lord believed in benevolence, and loved all things. Despite creating Heaven, he kept one eye awatch over the mortal realm.

Centuries passed, and mankind prospered. The 3 Sovereigns could no longer keep track of cultivating the ascent of man. Nuwa seized the opportunity to craft four demi-gods from the remnants of Pan Gu’s neolithic war-axe. Gradually, these demi-gods became leaders of their own demi-god tribes.

The four demi-gods were: the Yellow Emperor; Hephaestos; the Jade Emperor; and Bodhidharma. Each of the emperors drew a fiefdom - and just like that, our world of one had been fractured into four competing kingdoms.

Custom, garb, religion and even language evolved over time between these four disparate states. But a faith in the 3 Sovereigns and 5 Elementals underpinned all existence.

2.2.     Trouble Arrives

Where there is man, so there is sin. Where there are brothers, so there is dispute. Neptune and Vulcan in particular could not resolve their differences. Trouble had arrived.

Vulcan had bestowed upon primitive mankind the secrets of the flame. With fire, humankind could cook food and stay warm. Reverent, they concentrated attentions on Vulcan and erected a temple in his honor. Apoplectic with jealousy, Neptune roared his displeasure: “All things require water to survive. And yet these maggots worship fire? This shall not do!” With great vengeance and furious anger, he rained down upon Broken Mountain a torrential flood. Vulcan sprang to action. Fire and water have been locked in everlasting combat since.

During their epic struggle, Vulcan tripped on one of the ridges of Broken Mountain which unbeknownst to all actually housed one of the pillars holding up the architecture of the very universe. He perished instantly. Nudging the pillar as he fell, a rift to the demonic chaosworld opened up. Misshapen mutants left unactualized from Pan Gu’s great creation had become warped by the infinite struggle of their own non-existence and were now unrecognizable demons.

In a flash, the realm of mortals was plunged into terror.

2.3.     Salvation

In order to save humankind, Nuwa sacrificed herself and with support from the other immortals managed to seal the rift to the netherworld. This stopped the demonic invasion.

In supporting Nuwa, the four immortals compromised their saintly powers, coalescing their force into four sacred fragments. Each fragment was seized and guarded by the four demi-gods, who drew on the fragments’ power to slay scores of netherdemons.The struggle was never-ending however, and the four great demi-gods were eventually overcome. The sacred fragments they held splintered into shards and were scattered to the wind.

The Elder Lord could not stand by idly and watch the extermination of justice. Gathering the forces of light, he took on the invading netherdemons and restored a peace to the land.

The cost of war was heavy. Vast numbers of humans were killed or infected with a demonic scourge. Master of medicine Shennong drew poisons from the infected and used his own sacred immune system to purify and purge toxins. But even a god can only take so much. Passing from this realm, Fu-Hsi remained alone without the fallen Shennong and Nuwa. Stricken with sorrow, he spontaneously reincarnates himself and is never seen again...

With the demise of the 3 Sovereigns and 5 Elementals, the people turned their devotion to the Elder Lord and other lesser gods.

3.      Magnus’ Rise - Evil Lives

3.1.     Hunger

    As creator of Hell, Magnus felt empowered. But Pangaea was constructed upon Pan Gu’s flesh, and the realm of Hell was far, far weaker in comparison. Magnus grew to resent and hate what he saw as an unfair situation, and plotted an invasion of the mortal realm. But he harbored a deep-seeded fear of the 3 Sovereigns and 5 Elementals - not to mention the Elder Lord. He bid his time.

When the netherdemons attacked the mortal realm, Magnus saw this as his opportunity and advanced his demonic forces. But the Elder Lord was too strong, and fought back the invasion. Magnus’ greed only grew even stronger.

3.2.     Evil Plots

Centuries passed since the ultimate battle for good and evil was won. But man knew no peace, and soon fell into the waiting arms of further greed and avarice.

Humankind gradually became aware of the latent power within Pan Gu’s shards, and bickering among the tribes ensued. Eventually the tribes fell into allegiances based upon possession of the shards. Pangaea rearranged itself into four kingdoms: Xanadu; K’un Lun; Shangri-La; and the Middle Kingdom.

The four kingdoms found themselves centered around the same very Broken Mountain where Nuwa had patched up the fabric of spacetime centuries before. Rumors ran amok about the true nature of the Pan Gu shards and a secret pillar that was the source of all the shards’ power. It was even said that whosoever possessed all the shards could use them to traverse the boundary of spacetime itself, and harness the power of a demonic army of netherdemons from beyond the void!

As centuries had passed, humankind forgot their bloody ancestry and the demonic struggle upon which their civilization was based. They waged wars among themselves to take control of the shards and realize a greater destiny.

This is where we set the scene: brothers at war with each other. Turmoil and unrest are the new norm. Greed and avarice are the new virtue. And yet an even more sinister, unknown terror awaits.

From beyond the veils of Hell, Magnus has been reassembling his army of the damned. He has tracked down the consciousness of Fu-Hsi and succeeded in transforming him into a demon using Fu-Hsi’s own sorrow and heartbreak. He has also established beachheads on Pangaea, enlisting certain races to act as his henchmen and help achieve his evil plan of conquering the world.

Magnus and his sinister scheme are already underway, while humankind squabbles among itself and benevolent sages of old remain mysteriously silent. The fate of Pan Gu’s shards; the fate of Pangaea; the fate of reality: it rests upon your shoulders. Have you got what it takes to take on this epic quest? Are you the one to bring together the warring tribes to take on the secret forces of evil? Are you the one who can save the world, and usher in a golden age of mankind? Take arms!