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Pet System

1.         System Overview

Pets are an element of turn-based combat that a player can cultivate. They can provide stats boosts to certain spots within an Array. They also possess Pet Skills usable in combat.

Each Pet has unique Pet Skills, which are usable in combat only. Pet Skills can be used when your Team achieves maximum Fury.

You can also Recruit Pets at the Hall of Allies.

2.         Raising Ultima

Players can use Petsouls and Evolution Materials to raise the quality of their Pets. The higher a Pet’s quality, the bigger the stats boost it confers to Arrays.

Each week, Pets have one Pet Skill and six passive skills. The maximum skill level is 9, and the player can upgrade skills by spending Essence. The higher the Pet Skill level, the more powerful it becomes. All of the Pet’s passive skills will increase your Hero’s aggregate stats.