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Adjusted Content:

1. Adjusted pace of opening game function, closed Farm for now.

2. Updated quests, level cap stays lvl. 90.

3. Adjusted mode of new player guide to missions guide. 

4. Labyrinth has three different levels of difficulty for each stage now, only drops EXP of main chracter and copper, consume STA for battles.

5. Ajusted requirements of career progress.

6. Remove Labyrinth ranks in rankings.

7. Won't consume STA in Dungeons, 20 tries for each day, can buy tries. Also adjusted level limiting and potential drops. Added a new dungeon shop.

8. Added new event Beat Hero dropping ally fragments.

9. Added new event Bounty Window.

We will compensate every player in 24hrs with 200 silver and 500,000 copper for the inconvenience caused by updates. We do appreciate your understanding and support all the time.


-The Dragonbone Dynasty Team